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Contact & Call Centre Performance: Key Metrics and KPIs

kpi for support team

But with so many customer service metrics out there, it’s hard to know which ones to prioritise to ensure the best customer experience. Our free downloadable guide will help you gain an in-depth understanding of the most critical metrics and data kpi for support team points. But first, read on for a preview of why these common KPI metrics for customer service matter and what tools you can use to measure them. The handling time measures the amount of time an agent actually spends working on a single case.

Let’s take a deep dive on how both of these measurables can impact a business. By monitoring CRR, businesses gain insights into the effectiveness of their retention strategies and identify areas for improvement. Retaining existing customers is often more cost-effective than acquiring new ones, making CRR a vital KPI for long-term success. When defining key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business, it’s essential to establish goals that are both clear and easily measurable.

Cost per Resolution

Well-developed KPIs will support the ERO and their team to demonstrate what difference their work is making, which in turn demonstrates performance against the outcomes set out in the performance standards. A KPI is a quantifiable measure that can be used to demonstrate performance against key objectives and priorities. For example, we could clearly see that the completion rate was decreasing as more users were getting to the service from a search engine.

kpi for support team

This represents how you’ve handled both the good and the bad from your clients

in the past – giving a clearer picture of whether what you’re doing is working or not. KPIs also help to highlight areas of a business which could be improved upon – before they become a

big enough issue to cause an actual problem. Setting these larger goals will make it easier to spot

where you’re struggling. Team leaders need to be leading by example and having positive conversations with their agents. Agents can answer questions on everything from how well they feel their team leader supports them in their coaching and performance, to how empowered their team leader makes them feel.

What is a KPI?

Nathan studied at the University Campus of Football Business at the Manchester City Football Club! He studied Football Business and Marketing at University because he wanted to combine his love of sport and develop his business skills. He is a big supporter of the Leeds Rhinos Rugby Team and Leeds Football Team! His goal is to succeed within Recruitment and afford a fantastic house based in Alderley Edge. Although the sales manager had identified these points, setting a new KPI target of 250 weekly calls did not yield the desired results.

kpi for support team

They are an excellent way on checking that your business will make profit, with regular monitoring. You can track your customers shopping trends, compare how different locations or products are performing, and check the user customer journey is working efficiently. The best way to monitor and use the data derived from KPIs is through reporting. You may choose to have individual team meetings to report on KPIs or ask teams to send KPI reports to senior management. The process you create depends on the size of your business and the current stage it’s at.

Tracking Customer Complaint Volumes provides valuable insights into overall customer experience (CS) and satisfaction (CSAT). Key Performance Indicators, more commonly referred to as KPIs, are quantifiable measures used to evaluate the success of an organisation. In this quick read, we offer a high-level overview of Key Performance Indicators, often referred to as KPIs. We will look at why they are important and what we should consider to make sure they support company objectives. Common pitfalls, like setting too many or without stakeholder involvement, must be avoided.

  • Work together – It’s well worth finding the time to really sit down and think about this stage carefully.
  • For high KPIs, with a macro-outlook, how often you do this depends on factors like the company’s age, market influencers, data availability, and stakeholder feedback (see below).
  • Their responsibilities are to ensure that the KPI is produced accurately and reported on time though not necessarily to do all the work themselves.
  • Calculations of this indicator can include a variety of factors such as employee wages, license fees for software, equipment and technology expenses, and agent’s training just to name a few.
  • This could be added into a team leader’s 1-to-1 or appraisal with a simple Y/N question of “actively driving team engagement” and a supporting text box for jotting down some of the activities from the month.

Many businesses will produce specialist, monthly KPI reports that give stakeholders updates on how the work is progressing, and what strengths and weaknesses can be seen within the results so far. In the guide below, we’ll explain the do’s and don’ts of setting performance metrics. We’ll also take you through the various different formats of KPIs, to ensure they align closely with your objectives, and kpi for support team provide smart insights for future business decisions. Utilisation refers to the percentage of time an agent is available and able to provide customer service. You can think of it as an agent’s ‘available’ time, as a proportion of their ‘total shift’ time. In general, metrics and KPIs are both stated targets or goals that an organisation pulls towards in an effort to achieve wider business success.

The number of customers for each year is recorded in the Value/Actual column. The term Value is used in SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) multidimensional cubes, the term Actual in PPS (PerformancePoint Server) scorecards. In the following table for the number of customers, you can see a simple example (with a static rather than a changing goal). The value/actual is the current state of the metric of interest (in our example we will use the number of customers). As HubSpot Elite Partners, we can optimise your CRM and train your team on the new process of data collection and prioritisation.

  • Contact us to see how we can help you to achieve sales KPIs and grow your sales team through our sales recruitment agency.
  • Make data-driven decisionsKPI reports ensure that, instead of just making wild assumptions based on a whim, you can leverage real, verified data to make confident choices that are evidence-backed.
  • Some companies are steadfast that the use of KPIs should not equate to being data driven everywhere in the company.

Of course, in order to monitor performance, you’ll first need to equip your organisation with future-proof communications technology. Our VCC is designed to extract and present vital performance data in easy-to-understand reports, so you’ll never need to shoot blindly as you set about actioning your growth plans. New key performance indicators were designed by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) in consultation with the YJB, front line services, inspectorates and other government departments. There is always a multitude of competing demands on your time and stuff does slip. Like most business development activities, setting KPI’s never seem to be high enough on the priority list so they don’t get done. The benefit-cost ratio on setting and monitoring KPI’s is high, so make time to do this.

Uncover the critical reports for improving sales velocity and boosting revenue growth

For example, giving a team member a KPI to work towards when they have very little influence or control over the KPI. Everything should lead back to your business plans for your firm, so always set KPI’s in the context of what you are trying to achieve with your firm. Financial KPIs should be reported on through formal channels, as the data collected is key for management decision-making. Your board of Directors, Senior Management Committee, and Stakeholders will all be interested in these results, so creating a method to share regular updates (such as through a dashboard) can streamline the process. When selecting your tools and systems, you should always consider things like scalability, ease of use, integration capabilities, reporting functionalities, and (of course) cost.

We developed a hypothesis that this was because these types of users may not have the penalty reference number they need. Content was added to the start page to inform users they needed this reference. The service is an accessible digital service that enables users to pay their penalty online, quickly, at any time of the day and without direct interaction with Companies House. In this blog post, colleagues from across government share how they use service-specific KPIs to monitor, iterate and improve their service. Support them with their key focus areas and play an active part in enabling them to hit their sales goals.

What are metrics in customer service?

Our process includes an overview of appointment scheduling, team inductions and live reporting for after care/ review purposes. The baseline for a KPI is the average level of performance that you are currently at. Once you have a baseline you will be able to track over time and compare future performance levels with your baseline, to test if performance is really changing and improving. By measuring your performance in the specific period of time (i.e. year one/month one) this will then provide a baseline for your KPIs.

kpi for support team

What are KPI in production support?

KPIs are quantifiable metrics that reflect the goals and objectives of an organization, department, or team. They help to track progress, identify strengths and weaknesses, and improve performance over time.


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